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‘Magical’ fire suppressant kills zombie fires 40% faster than water alone…

New Imperial research shows a fire suppressant, when combined with water, cuts the amount of time and water needed to extinguish peat fires by 40%.

HAZELab at ICL (Imperial College London) researchers said, “this is a big step in tackling smouldering peat fires, which are the largest fires on Earth.”

PhD student, Muhammad A. Santoso research said, “the results provide a better understanding of the suppression mechanism of peat fires and could help to improve firefighting and mitigation strategies.” These Zombie Fires consume vast areas, are easily ignited, and require many firefighting resources to extinguish. They release up to 100 times more carbon into the atmosphere than your traditional structural fires and are a key contributor to climate change.

Professor Guillermo Rein, said, “this biodegradable wetting agent could help everybody: fire brigades, communities and the planet.” The research was funded by the European Research Council and the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education and Hydro Navitas Solutions are very round to be part of this groundbreaking research.

Please follow this link to read the complete research. Laboratory study on the suppression of smouldering peat wildfires: effects of flow rate and wetting agent by Muhammad A. Santoso,