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Helios Systems Ltd announce coldfire® to be used in their advanced Fire-Mist system

Apr 13, 2019Cold fire, News

Helios Systems Ltd announce in April they were successful in being awarded the full installation and maintenance contract with European Metal Recyclers. 

Another installation with Cold Fire®.

Helios Systems Ltd, will be supplying their range of advanced fire detection and suppression systems.

The installation will include the technologically advanced Fire-Mist system with coldfire® and their electric control cabinet suppression system AMFE. Installations were to start immediately.

See Cold Fire® in action in the video taken at our fire test day with Helios Systems Ltd for EMR Metal Recycling fire fighting with coldfire®

  • AFFF is the recommended media for this type of metal fire.
    Here we (the fire team) did not expect such a result to see it actually boil !!!
  • “Cold Fire®”, on the Right, cooled to 40°C in 15 secs
  • Water only cooled to 80°C in 15 seconds