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Helios Systems Ltd announce in April they were successful in being awarded the full installation and maintenance contract with European Metal Recyclers

Another installation with coldfire®.

Helios Systems Ltd, will be supplying their range of advanced fire detection and suppression systems.

The installation will include the technologically advanced Fire-Mist system with coldfire® and their electric control cabinet suppression system AMFE. Installations were to start immediately.

See coldfire® in action in the video taken at our fire test day with Helios Systems Ltd for EMR Metal Recycling fire fighting with coldfire®

  • AFFF is the recommended media for this type of metal fire.
    Here we (the fire team) did not expect such a result to see it actually boil !!!
  • “Cold Fire” , on the Right, cooled to 40°C in 15 secs
  • Water only cooled to 80°C in 15 seconds