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Changing the way we fight fires

Since 2015 Hydro Navitas Solutions has been banging the drum about the huge benefits of using something called ‘wetting agents’ for firefighting here in the UK. Existing foams and powders continue to be available for our firefighters to use in those extreme circumstances but, the Environment Agency continues to place restrictions on their use which gives our firefighters very little choice.

We think along with over 20+ countries across the globe that use wetting agents its time the UK took a different approach and had something that they can not only use but use in nearly all type of fires and that’s Cold Fire® firefighting wetting agent.

a long, long time ago… well 350 years actually
Firefighting as we know has an illustrious history. It can be traced right back to the Romans, and London has seen its share of fires over the centuries, but it took one fateful event in a small bakers shop in Pudding Lane in the year 1666, to really change what we know about firefighting.

Out of the ashes of The Great Fire of London, the first Fire Brigade was born.

In those 350 plus years since, there have been many fantastic advances in equipment, machinery, clothing and fire behaviour training.

For a short period of time, additives such as AFFF, dry powder and Halon took a leap forward to help the modern day firefighter cope with bigger and more technical fires due to modern day plastics, fabrics, metals and fuels.

Thank goodness that with knowledge comes understanding. It didn’t take long before our environment began to suffer, and the ‘people that know’ realised there was huge impact on not only our environment, but also our health by using such additives. It had to change. So throughout the world these type of additives were made ‘more benign’ and ‘more environmentally friendly’.

Now time has moved on. Over the last 350 years our firefighters here in the United Kingdom have become some of the best and well trained in the world, but how much has really changed for them? The Enviroment Agency still have grave concerns over the use of both AFFF and dry powder to extinguish fires, and these can only be used under extreme circumstances.

So we still find our modern day firefighter up-against technical fires, but now without the range of firefighting tools needed at their disposal, in fact they have gone backwards, they now find themselves using something that their Roman and 1666 counterparts would be very familiar with.


so why the struggle?

Tradition is a powerful thing. If you build an establishment on tradition you have the building blocks to cope with anything that comes your way, this is a good thing, but what happens when those traditions become a ‘set of rules.’

When this happens, change becomes a lot more difficult.

You find that people around you are happy to just stay the same, they don’t see the need for change, why? “because it has always been that way.”

Well we are please to offer you are different approach.

Desmond Tutu once said:
don’t raise your voice, improve your argument

100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and truly environmentally friendly
five key industry sectors each with its own range of solutions
CM100 firefighting for Commercial.  Manufacturing for sprinklers & metal fabrication. Natural resources for oil and gas, mining and forestry.

ES200 firefighting for Emergency Services. Firefighting, airport rescue. First responders, police, road traffic officers and ambulance.

MM300 firefighting for Motor and Marine.  Racing in-car systems and track and events. Vessel protection.

AV400 firefighting for Aviation.  Hanger and aircraft protection. Fuel storage and hot works areas.

ML500 firefighting for Military.  Close quarter defence.  Armoured vehicle protection, Airfield fire protection.  Winterised solutions down to -50°C.

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