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Neutralisation of acid/alkali attack using 100% green solutions that require no clean up

Corrosive attacks can cause massive damage to both the victim and other bystanders. At the moment the only medical advice is to drench the victims with water for 20 minutes to dilute the corrosive – this requires litres of water, which in most cases will not be available to first or second responders.

Hydronavitas has developed an independently tested effective response to these attacks. acid-stop™.

environmentally friendly in the true sense of the word

the formulation produces no heat on contact

*Tested by Northampton University

a GREEN water based spray

acid-stop™ is green water based spray that can neutralise acids or alkalis to stop further corrosive damage, potentially reduce thermal damage and enable the rapid clean up of the victims and surrounding area.

acid-stop™ can be supplied in sizes from 200ml (for belt mounting) up to large 10l extinguisher style for hospital use.

Once used, acid-stop™ requires no clean up and is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, and environmentally friendly.

percent biodegradable, no clean up, non-toxic

acid-stop™ is a 100% green & biodegradable neutralising agent for use in acid attack, initially by first responders, to neutralise both acids and alkalis and reduce the level of damage suffered by both victims and bystanders.

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