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Acid-Stop is like many of our products offered across the Hydro Navitas Group. It has been designed for a job, and it does that job well without any drama or fuss. You don’t need to worry if you have the right version or concern yourself that you are using too little or even adding too much. Acid-Stop just works.

We developed Acid-Stop for a purpose. Some industries use a range of products that span the whole pH Spectrum. From 0 to 14 or ACID to ALKALI. Sometimes moving such products, during manufacturing or production process they can come into contact with a surface or worst, a person. But what do you do when this happens?

Now luckily you are very unlikely to ever come into contact with the really nasty versions of either of these products that sit on either end of the pH spectrum. Still, it might interest you to know that some everyday items are quite low or high. HOW CAN THIS BE SAFE?? The middle ground is pH 7 or Neutral, tap water is a good example but not your carbonated version, so next time you grab that energy drink or vinegar for your chips remember these are pH 3. This makes them very ACIDIC.

Now let’s move to the other side of the spectrum. Did you know that some vegetables are as high as pH 10! Don’t worry they are totally safe to eat, who likes Brussel Sprouts anyway!! But, nudge that number up slightly above pH 12, and you are into the territory of some dangerous products. Bleach and oven cleaners are high ALKALINE. Now in your home, you are careful. You read the instructions and wear rubber gloves and protect your eyes, but remember, this stuff needs to be strong to cut through all that grease and grime on the oven door.

So please be careful around all household chemicals.

a simple and easy to use decontaminant

the formulation produces no heat on contact
*Tested by University of Northampton

a GREEN water-based spray

Acid-Stop is a green water-based spray that can neutralise acids or alkalis. Stop corrosive damage, potentially reduce thermal damage. Rapid clean up of the victims and surrounding area

Acid-Stop can be supplied in sizes from 200ml (for belt mounting) up to large 10L pump or pressurised units

Once used, Acid-Stop requires no cleanup and is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly

100% biodegradable, no clean up, non-toxic



The issue with a pH value is it doesn’t always relate to the performance or strength of the product. This makes working with acids and alkalis tricky, and if you have a spill, until now, you had to have the right solutions to make it safe. If you work in a Laboratory dealing with Sulfuric Acid and you have a spill, you will have the correct reactive chemical that changes the acid spill into something more manageable or maybe a dry powder that works to detoxify and capture it on the surface. You need the right product, choose the wrong one, and this can make the spill even worse.

What happens if you are working with acids one day and alkalis the next then what do you do? There are very few things that can deal with both ACID and ALKALIS. Bircarbonate of Soda is one of them. However, if you have ever seen the violent chemical reaction and heat generated when you mix this with acid, you might want to steer clear of using this.

The good news is Acid-Stop can work on both ACIDS and ALKALIS.



Acid-Stop is a true DECONTAMINANT. It was designed as a single-use solution to help you clean up an area that has been made unsafe by a spill or other exposure to either an acid or alkaline. It is an Aqueous Formulation of water, a proprietary blend of 100% natural substances. It is an Amphoteric Solution. It works safely across the pH spectrum and provides a totally safe NEUTRALISING solution for spill, leaks and splashes. It can be used in controlled environments because it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It’s not a gas or dry powder and doesn’t create another potential chemical, so it’s safe to use in sealed rooms and leaves no mess.

You can use it in areas where you change or service batteries. WAREHOUSES that use Forklifts or LLOP’s (low-level order picker) that require battery changes throughout the day can safely exchange these knowing that if an incident happened and created a battery acid spill, Acid-Stop can deal with this and make the area safe.

Remember, you don’t need to worry anymore if you are choosing the right solution to make an area safe. With Acid-Stop, you just use one of the different application methods available based on your requirements with the knowledge it will work. It is safe to use on surfaces, but it is also safe to use on people. If a person is exposed to either, you can directly spray the area with Acid-Stop, and it works immediately to neutralise the acid and alkaline.

Acid-Stop has a built-in benefit of providing a VISUAL INDICATOR when you are using it on acids. If used on acids, Acid-Stop gently foams until the neutralisation of the acid is complete. For alkaline, there is no visual indicator. Knowing this detail of what a person has been exposed to when the emergency services arrive is vital. They will inform the Accident and Emergency team when they arrive at the hospital if it was an acid or alkaline. Remember, you should ALWAYS get the person who has been exposed to the corrosive liquid to the hospital. Acid and alkaline can continue to cause harm well after the incident has happened.

We have already mentioned that Acid-stop is different. The way it immediately decontaminates the affected area regardless if it is an acid or alkaline means it can have many applications.



First Responders such as POLICE who are called to a CORROSIVE ATTACK now have a solution. Acid-Stop can be safely used and requires very little application to achieve the desired results. Water is the recommended way of dealing with such attacks, but this needs to be constantly applied and the minimum amount is 20 litres of fresh clean water. Water does not neutralise it only dilutes and washes any liquid used in an attack away. We have a range of small and powerful Bag-on-Valve units that can be used at any angle and are simple and easy to use. They are carried on belt-mounted canisters.

Now Security Staff, Bus, Tube and Taxi drivers, office and shop workers and all other key Second Responders can now have access to Acid-Stop.  They can now react to incidents and offer basic levels of FIRST-AID. When a corrosive attack is called through to our 999 emergency services, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service and Ambulance crews are sent out and they will administer full medical support to the patient. For more significant incidents involving more people, we provide a range of pressurised or pump-to-use units that can hold different volumes of Acid-Stop for large-scale decontamination.

We are always here to help, call for a chat on +44 (0) 1604 215 600.

Thank you from the Acid-Stop team.

acid-stop™ is a 100% green & biodegradable neutralising agent. Used for first responders to neutralise both acids and alkalis. Helps reduce the level of damage suffered by both victims and bystanders.
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