Santa Pod Raceway announces unique firefighting partnership with

Santa Pod Raceway is delighted to announce the formation of a strategic marketing partnership with the revolutionary fire-suppressant product, Cold Fire® firefighting, newly introduced to the UK and Europe by Northampton-based fire-safety specialists Hydro Navitas Solutions. Cold Fire® firefighting becomes not only Santa Pod’s new lane sponsor, but also the Raceway’s Official Firefighting Partner. It is believed to be the first time such a safety-related partnership has been forged by a British motorsport venue.

Cold Fire® has two cardinal virtues unique among other chemical based fire suppressants: it is non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly; and it can be used to extinguish any kind of fire.

Conventional firefighting agents come in the form of foams and dry powders and in motorsport require the user to keep both types at hand and to determine the kind of fire that has broken out in order to choose the appropriate agent. Both agents can also be highly toxic. Cold Fire®, however, is a single agent that fights Class A, B, D and F type fires. It works on contact by quelling heat to below ignition point, prevents re-ignition and provides high levels of thermal protection for added safety.

Furthermore, in environmental terms, it is non-toxic and completely biodegradable, so much so that it is even safe to drink. At a product demonstration before other interested motorsport parties recently hosted by Santa Pod, a director of Hydro Navitas Solutions astonished onlookers by swallowing Cold Fire® straight from the extinguisher.

Other Cold Fire® virtues include matters of maintenance and storage. While conventional fire suppressant devices require annual maintenance and servicing, Cold Fire® are developing a fire extinguisher is that requires no maintenance for 10 years. The product and its containers are maintenance free and, if discharged, can be refilled easily and re-pressurised via a standard Schrader valve.

Santa Pod Raceway’s Commercial Manager, Caroline Day, is delighted to welcome Hydro Navitas Solutions and Cold Fire® firefighting as the Raceway’s new lane sponsor and is especially pleased to have created the innovative Official Firefighting Partnership. “We believe this is a safety partnership unique among British motorsport venues,” she explains. “With the unusually broad array of fuels, lubricants and track preparation substances we have in use at Santa Pod, it’s essential we have the very best firefighting products available to us. With its multiple uses and environmental qualities, Cold Fire® is ideal for that purpose. Santa Pod’s safety standards have already been highly commended and the Cold Fire® partnership will enable us to raise those standards even higher.

This is a brand new partnership we have formed with Hydro Navitas Solutions and we are eager to begin work on developing the relationship. As we progress, we’re confident it will quickly deliver fresh benefits for both of us.”

Cold Fire® firefighting will be unveiled as sponsor of Santa Pod’s left/right lane this Easter weekend at the Festival of Power (Friday to Sunday, 25th-27th March).

Longtime Santa Pod supporter Autoglym continues as right/left lane sponsor. Further information about Santa Pod Raceway and its many and varied events may be found at, or by telephoning 01234 782828.

Hydro Navitas Solutions’ Group Managing Director, James Petter, explains:
Cold Fire® has been established since 1991 as an alternative to traditional methods of suppressing fires and is used by emergency services in the USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil. We are the product’s UK territory manager and look forward to exporting our solutions into Europe. Cold Fire® is already proven invaluable in NASCAR, Indy 500 motorsport, but its applications spread far and wide into industrial and domestic spheres and beyond. We shall be promoting and selling our full product range in Santa Pod’s ‘Garage’ shop very soon!.”